The Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation (JCPI) on Mohawk College Campus

The Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation (JCPI) at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, opened its doors to students in Fall 2018, creating space for over 1,000 students in engineering, technology and sustainability.

When the Board of The Joyce Family Foundation decided to support the proposed new building at Mohawk, its sights were set on creating more capacity for students to benefit from the college’s applied research strengths in the areas of health, energy and technology. When the project got underway, the true uniqueness of the building came into clearer focus. As Canada’s largest, and Hamilton’s first net zero institutional building, the JCPI is regarded as the new standard for green building innovation and has already won 6 industry awards and certifications.  It has been selected by the Canada Green Building Council as a national pilot program to demonstrate its new Zero Carbon Buildings Framework.

At the opening reception, representatives of the Joyce Family Foundation reflected on the history of Hamilton as an industrial hotspot. Indeed, the very reason the young Ron Joyce left his native province of Nova Scotia in the late forties was in search of employment in the industrial sector. Now Mohawk is an important part of a new story for Hamilton, a story that is taking the lead on environmental stewardship and sustainable technologies. 

The canopy of solar panels sitting atop this remarkable building can be seen as a crowning achievement. Students can observe real-time displays of the building’s inputs and outputs. It is as though the JCPI has personified the learning objectives of Mohawk and stepped into the role of the educator him/herself, as students learn the practices and technologies for future sustainable buildings.

Tony Cupido, Chief Building and Facilities Officer (left) gives Grant Joyce and Steven Joyce a tour of the new Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation, Sept. 2018