Grants & Bursaries


Application Process

Organizations requesting a grant from The Joyce Family Foundation should first familiarize themselves with the Foundation’s guiding principles and areas of activity. Applicants must complete the online application which succinctly explains the following:

  • The nature of the funding request and how it relates to the Foundation’s interest in children and youth
  • Information about the grant seeker
  • Full costs and timeline for the initiative
  • Current or committed funders, if any
  • Funding amount requested

Important – Grants and donations are made only to Canadian registered charities.

Grants are not made to individuals, or for emergency or deficit operational funding. This includes grants to individuals for travel, study or similar purposes. Grants for disaster relief, economic distress or similar extraordinary circumstances will be considered on an individual basis.

The Joyce Family Foundation prefers not to fund the arts, religious activities, national and regional fundraising campaigns for specific illnesses, capital construction projects, hospital equipment purchases, projects which could benefit a particular business sector, or foreign aid projects (even if the grant seeker is a registered Canadian charity).

Guiding principles

The Joyce Family Foundation’s activities will lead to meaningful and measurable change in the target community.

The Foundation values effective stakeholder relations and timely communication with all grant seekers.

The Board evaluates each funding request on its own merits and makes decisions with humility and empathy.

Success of our efforts will be enhanced by clear communication of expectations, followed by monitoring and evaluation of activities selected for funding.

The Foundation seeks to support innovative, entrepreneurial and measurable initiatives, aligned with its Mission and Vision.

Grants Program

The Joyce Family Foundation accepts requests for funding from registered Canadian charities, submitted via our online application system. At this time, The Joyce Family Foundation is not accepting new requests for funding. 


It will be indicated on this website when new applications will be accepted. 


Ron Joyce’s commitment to education

Education provides a bridge to success and is a key factor in helping young people move from poverty to prosperity. The Joyce Family Foundation is proud to fund a number of scholarships and bursaries which help young Canadians achieve their academic goals.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions seeking funds from The Joyce Family Foundation to endow bursaries are asked to complete the online funding application.


Students interested in applying for a Joyce Family Foundation scholarship or bursary are invited to contact the post-secondary school directly for guidelines and application information.

The Joyce Family Foundation Bursaries

Bursaries play an essential role in enabling a student to pursue a post-secondary education. The Joyce Family Foundation endows bursaries based primarily on financial need and awarded to students enrolled in full-time studies at a recognized college or university in Canada.

The purpose of the bursaries is to increase the participation of disadvantaged or at-risk youth who face obstacles and barriers to a post-secondary education. The bursaries target those who have traditionally been left behind, helping them move from poverty to prosperity through education.

Bursary Guidelines

  • All recipients must be citizens or permanent residents of Canada and attending a post-secondary institution in Canada.
  • All funding approved for post-secondary education will be in the form of needs-based endowed bursaries. Endowed funds achieve a steady and predictable income flow, while preserving the capital.
  • Bursaries will be awarded based on financial need and personal circumstance, often in conjunction with a student’s effort and commitment to his/her studies.
  • Preference may be given to those who have no other avenues of funding or supports in their pursuit of post secondary education.
  • Bursaries awarded are to be applied against tuition, school fees and books only.
  • Educational institutions will be responsible for assessing financial need.
  • Government-based matched endowments will be secured, wherever possible, as will other public or private matching opportunities.
  • Students must be enrolled in a full-time course of study.
  • Students enrolled in graduate or Ph.D. programs are not eligible.