To mark Canada’s 150th anniversary, the Trans Canada Trail Foundation redoubled its efforts to bring to completion the longest and grandest trail in the world. The Great Trail, as it is also called, connects Canadians from coast to coast to coast, linking 15,000 communities along 24,000 km of Canada’s most scenic and beautiful landscapes. The vision of the trail as a one-of-a-kind Canadian legacy project appealed to Mr Joyce and the Board members of The Joyce Family Foundation. At the time of discussions with The Joyce Family Foundation, the trail was 86% connected, with an urgent need for funds to help bridge the remaining 3,400 kilometres of gaps. Now as a Chapter 150 Member, Mr. Joyce and The Joyce Family Foundation are proud to be part of this spectacular trail and all that it represents for Canada and the world. A special interpretive sign was dedicated along the trail in Ron Joyce’s Nova Scotian hometown of Tatamagouche. In its philanthropic work, The Joyce Family Foundation seeks to open doors for youth. In the case of the Trans Canada Trail, all doors are wide open.

Interpretive Sign along the Trans Canada Trail, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia